Impact Doors

Paradise ExteriorsWhen building a house or if in need of a new door or window, Paradise Exteriors LLC is a great company to consult.  Paradise Exteriors is a family owned business located in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Dan and Tina Beckner along with Dan’s brother, Eric, have a great deal of experience both in taking measurements and installing parts for houses and buildings.  They decided to make a change about 8 years ago to solely focus on windows and doors.  The ability to focus on only two products allowed them to expand their knowledge to fully understand the best products and how to install them.

Paradise Exteriors are direct dealers of their products.  Two of their products for doors are Therma-Tru and Plastpro. While Therma-Tru offers steel and wooden doors, their specialty is with Fiberglass doors.  Fiberglass is the best door material for South Florida, giving the look of wooden doors but the strength of steel doors.  The strength of steel offers security and protection from weather but the fiberglass is also energy efficient and more aesthetically pleasing than steel.  Fiberglass doors have the least maintenance, resist dents and scratches, offers wood grain look but will not rot or rust, are energy efficient, can be stained or painted, won’t warp and are five times the insulation value of wood.  Therma-Tru pioneered the fiberglass door and continues to be the leader in the industry.

Therma-Tru offers entry doors as well as patio doors. Patio doors can be sliding, or French with hinges.

While Therma-Tru is the leader in fiberglass doors, Plastpro is a supporter in the belief that fiberglass doors are ideal.  Plastpro prides themselves on high-quality fiberglass doors with Old World craftsmanship, a great combination of old, elegant appearance with innovative, top quality construction. Plastpro is committed to providing most innovated products with the greatest service and reliability.   Plastpro has outsourced some of their traditions from other leading companies but they manufacture every part of their doors, giving them the control they need to guarantee great products.  The company has their own internal Research and Development department, which allows them to constantly be perfecting their methods as well as creating for both market need and demand.   Plastpro is a partner of the United States Government’s Energy Star program, meaning their products have met the government’s regional standards for energy efficiency and conservation.

Paradise Exteriors